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VIDEO: Testing The GT350R At Willow Springs International Raceway! (Automotive Did You Know? Episode #23) - May 15, 2021

VIDEO: Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock Takes Jay Around In The Rare Shelby Cobra - Jay Leno's Garage featuring our World-Famous LA Shelby Club sticker! - Feb 18, 2021

VIDEO: Hey Bruce. How's It Going? Mike Rowe Here a message to our late friend and fellow LA Shelby Club Member, Bruce "Gooch" Kawaguchi from Mike Rowe... sent on Gooch's 71st birthday, just 3 days prior to his passing - Jan 21, 2021


VIDEO: History Driven: S1-E5 featuring LASAAC's Jim Marietta at his OVC Mustangs shop in Gardena, CA - Jul 30, 2020


VIDEO: Mustang Fans Electrify The Pony At Fox Studios featuring LASAAC Members at the very start of video - Nov 21, 2019

VIDEO: Shelby American 21st Annual Employee Reunion 2019 Our15th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show featuring the LA Shelby Club's Bob Shaw - Nov 16, 2019


VIDEO: Matt Damon, Christian Bale's 4-wheeled Co-Star In 'Ford v Ferrari' Came From Irvine-Based Specialty Builder with ABC7's Dave Kunz and featuring the LA Shelby Club's Bob Lee - Nov 15, 2019

VIDEO: Original Venice Crew's 1965 Shelby GT350 Competition Continuation - Jay Leno’s Garage with LASAAC's Jim Marietta and Ted Sutton - Nov 10, 2019

VIDEO: 1965 Shelby GT350R | The Mustang They Wanted To Build with the LA Shelby Club's Jim Marietta at his OVC Mustangs shop in Gardena, CA - Oct 29, 2019

VIDEO: Jane E Norris 1966 Shelby GT350 with the 1965 Ford Mustang "Black Nasty" of LASAAC's Keith Kaucher - Oct 24, 2019

VIDEO: Shelby American: The Legends Our 15th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show at Carroll Shelby Int'l - Sep 30, 2019

VIDEO: Far From Stock '63 Ford Falcon Futura featuring LASAAC's Michael Richardson - Aug 16, 2019

VIDEO: RKTROY Streets Of Willow | Dralle Day Open Track in-car camera by LASAAC's Roy Tsugawa - Jun 3, 2019

VIDEO: 1965 OVC Shelby GT350R Ride driven by LASAAC President, Randy Richardson at M1 Concourse - May 10, 2019

VIDEO: Test Drive Shelby GT350 Continuation Cars featuring LASAAC's Jim Marietta & the OVC Comp Mustang - Mar 19, 2019

VIDEO: Willow Springs 1987 Spring Cobra Day Open Track with COCOA at Willow Springs Raceway - Feb 18, 2019


VIDEO: Galpin Ford Shelby Club Of American Car Show LA Shelby Club member's cars at Galpin's annual event - Oct 7, 2018

VIDEO: Shelby Show (full episode) at our 3rd Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show / The Vintage Vehicle Show - Sep 24, 2018

VIDEO: Car Show At Shelby American In Los Angeles at our 14th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show - Sep 15, 2018

VIDEO: LA Shelby Club: Tony Sousa On Barrett-Jackson Car Search TV-1965, 1966, 1967 Shelby GT350/GT500 - Sep 13, 2018

VIDEO: 1965 Mustang Convertible another "restoration rescue" project by LASAAC's Michael & Kentaro Holmes - Aug 22, 2018

VIDEO: SAAC 43 Vintage Race 8-4-2018 Sonoma, Version II Mustang in-car camera by LASAAC's Craig Skeels - Aug 7, 2018

VIDEO: 180616 Streets Of Willow With Shelby Club in-car camera by the LA Shelby Club's Roy Tsugawa - Jun 20, 2018

VIDEO: Streets of Willow - 2016 Shelby GT350 |  Dralle Day Open Track by LASAAC's Joel Andrykowski - Jun 18, 2018

VIDEO: Streets of Willow - 2016/1966 Shelby GT350 |  Dralle Day Open Track by LASAAC's Joel Andrykowski - Jun 18, 2018

VIDEO: OVC 1965 Shelby GT350R Competition First Drive Review Mustang Time Machine at Streets of Willow - May 15, 2018

VIDEO: OVC is Building A Brand New 1965 Shelby GT350R Mustang - May 15, 2018

VIDEO: Thermal Club Session 2016 Shelby GT350 in-car camera by LASAAC's Joel Andrykowski - Mar 1, 2018

VIDEO: Breakdown | 1965 Shelby GT350 featuring LASAAC VP, Steve Beck at Willow Springs Raceway - Feb 26, 2018

VIDEO: $900 1965 Shelby GT350 Gets A Track Day Workout featuring LASAAC Vice President, Steve Beck - Feb 25, 2018

VIDEO: ADM Model-T Cruise-In In El Segundo featuring LA Shelby Club Vice President, Steve Beck - Jan 22, 2018

VIDEO: VARA Big Bore Bash/V8 Road Racing West Nov 4, 2017 Willow Springs Our LASAAC Exhibition Group - Jan 17, 2018



VIDEO: OVC 1965 Shelby Competition GT350 Interview With Jim Marietta - Nov 28, 2017

VIDEO: VARA Big Bore Bash 2017 - Willow Springs International Raceway by LASAAC's Jake Gawlas - Nov 8, 2017

VIDEO: How About Some Shelby's In Marina Del Rey? Our 13th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show with LA Shelby Club President, Greg Barbiera - Sep 18, 2017

VIDEO: Help For Heros Benefits First Responders Our 13th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show on CBS News - Sep 16, 2017

VIDEO: 2017 Wide Body Supersnake & F150 Supersnake - Shelby Tribute Car Show Unveil at Carroll Shelby Int'l - May 20, 2017

VIDEO: GOPR0058 Falcon 12 min in-car camera by the LA Shelby Club's Randy Richardson at Willow Springs - May 19, 2017

VIDEO: 1963 Lola Mk6 GT - Jay Leno's Garage featuring the LA Shelby Club's Allen Grant - Feb 5, 2017


PODCAST: Keith Kaucher Custom Car Designer and LA Shelby Club member on Cars Yeah - Nov 17, 2016

VIDEO: Boss 302 vs 289 Tiger At Willow Springs in-car camera of the LA Shelby Club President, Randy Richardson with Allen Denson's '66 Sunbeam Tiger (#20) at the VARA Big Bore Bash, Willow Springs, CA - Nov 7, 2016

VIDEO: LA Shelby Club Streets Of Willow - July 2016 in-car camera by the LA Shelby Club's Tim Herren - Jul 16, 2016

VIDEO: 1966 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350H - Jay Leno's Garage with LASAAC's Dan Swana - Jul 3, 2016

VIDEO: The Shelby American Team: How They Won Le Mans In 1966 In A Ford GT For Ford Motor Company hosted by the LA Shelby Club's Randy Richardson - Jun 8, 2016

VIDEO: Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show 2016 at Carroll Shelby International Headquarters in Gardena, CA - May 24, 2016

VIDEO: From The Beginnings: The OVC Mustang Tour 2016 hosted by the LA Shelby Club's Randy Richardson - May 14, 2016

VIDEO: GT350 IRS vs Live Axle At Willow Springs testing of the OVC Mustangs, hosted by Rick Titus - Jan 14, 2016



VIDEO: Cobra Daytona Coupe CSX2299 at Goodwood Revivial Sept 2015 by LASAAC Prez, Randy Richardson - Sep 18, 2015

VIDEO: 3rd Annual Shelby Tribute And Car Show 2015 with the LA Shelby Club attending in full force - May 20, 2015

VIDEO: Willow Springs Raceway 50th Anniversary Of The GT350's First Victory hosted by LA Shelby Club President, Randy Richardson - Feb 22, 2015

VIDEO: Video Update 1965 Competition "R" Model GT350 Project hosted by LASAAC Prez, Randy Richardson - Jan 28, 2015




VIDEO: Shelby Club Xmas 2014 Our annual LASAAC Holiday Party & Toy Drive filmed by LASAAC's Sandy Ganz - Dec 14, 2014

VIDEO: 1965 Competition "R" Model GT350 Project hosted by LA Shelby Club President, Randy Richardson - Dec 10, 2014

VIDEO: 2016 Shelby Mustang GT Launch Car Show At Shelby International Gardena CA 11-17-14 with LASAAC - Nov 19, 2014

VIDEO: 2016 Shelby GT 350 Mustang Shelby International November 17, 2014 at CS Int'l HQ in Gardena, CA - Nov 18, 2014

VIDEO: GT40 Big Bore Bash 2014 Front & Rear Views in-car cameras, LASAAC's Michael Holmes, Willow Springs - Nov 6, 2014

VIDEO: GT40, Boss 302 2014 Big Bore Bash, Willow Springs in-car camera, LASAAC's Michael Holmes RCR GT40 - Nov 3, 2014

VIDEO: GT40 Big Bore Bash 2014 - Front View LASAAC's Michael Holmes, front-view camera at Willow Springs - Nov 3, 2014

VIDEO: GT40 Big Bore Bash 2014 - Back View LASAAC's Michael Holmes, rear-view camera at Willow Springs - Nov 3, 2014

VIDEO: 2015 Mustangs On The Pier At Santa Monica CA at our10th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show - Oct 16, 2014

VIDEO: Santa Monica Shelby Car Show 10th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show (from another point of view) - Sep 21, 2014

PODCAST: Keith Kaucher Custom Car Designer and LA Shelby Club member on Nostalgic Radio and Cars - May 27, 2014

VIDEO: Shelby Commercial Made By Racing Division LA Produced by LA Shelby Club's Michael Holmes - Mar 28, 2014

VIDEO: RCR GT40 At Willow Springs Raceway in-car camera with LA Shelby Club's Michael Holmes - Mar 28, 2014

VIDEO: MKl GT40 LASAAC Canyon Run LA Shelby Club's Michael Holmes at our annual Lake Hughes Crughes - Feb 4, 2014

VIDEO: GT40 Low Angle Camera LA Shelby Club's Michael Holmes at our annual Lake Hughes Crughes - Feb 4, 2014

VIDEO: Carroll Shelby Birthday Cruise In At The Petersen Len Schusterman/Anthony Boosalis/Michael Holmes - Feb 4, 2014


VIDEO: Boss 302 vs Shelby GT350's in-car camera of LASAAC President, Randy Richardson with Manny Samaniego's '66 Shelby GT350 (#69) & Bruce Kawaguchi's '65 Shelby GT350 (#29) at the VARA Big Bore Bash, Willow Springs, CA - Nov 20, 2013

VIDEO: Carroll Shelby Tribute 2013 revving of engines at Carroll Shelby International Headquarters, Gardena, CA - May 12, 2013


VIDEO: Shelby Series1 At Galpin Ford's Shelby 50th Anniversary Car Show featuring LASAAC's Sandy Bettelman - Sep 1, 2012

VIDEO: Cobra 50 Anniversary featuring LASAAC's Anthony Boosalis, Dan Swana & Sandy Bettelman on Car Crazy - Jul 25, 2012

VIDEO: ED Foundation Car Show with the LA Shelby Club's Sandy Bettelman at the Automobile Driving Museum - Jul 17, 2012

VIDEO: Shelby Tribute "Revving of the Engines" At The Petersen Museum for Carroll Shelby's Memorial Tribute - Jun 26, 2012

VIDEO: VARA Big Bore Bash - Shelby Club Run multi-car camera, LASAAC's Sandy Ganz at Willow Springs - Jun 13, 2012

VIDEO: Main Street Hot Rod Cruises featuring LASAAC's Hank Williams & Sandy Bettelman... hosted by the Automobile Driving Museum & HOT ROD Magazine - May 12, 2012

VIDEO: 2012 Shelby Bash At Spring Mountain Raceway - 1966 GT350 #136 by LASAAC's Mike Eisenberg - Mar 17, 2012

VIDEO: Hot Rod Cruise Night The LA Shelby Club attending at the Automobile Driving Museum, El Segundo, CA - Feb 9, 2012


VIDEO: Big Bore Bash 2011 Willow Springs International Raceway VARA our LA Shelby Club Exhibition Group - Nov 13, 2011

VIDEO: Big Bore Bash 11 in-car by LASAAC's Manny Samaniego at our LASAAC Exhibition Group at Willow Springs - Nov 6, 2011

VIDEO: Willow Springs RCR GT40 Spin Turn 9 in-car by LASAAC's Michael Holmes at our LASAAC Exhibition Group at Willow Springs - Nov 6, 2011

VIDEO: The 7th Annual Tony Sousa Car Show Our LA Shelby Club on the historic Santa Monica Pier - Oct 26, 2011

VIDEO: 2011 Santa Monica Cobra Show Our LA Shelby Club at the 7th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show - Sep 18, 2011

VIDEO: The First Ever Hot Rod Magazine Cruise Night with the LASAAC at the Automobile Driving Museum - Jul 19, 2011

VIDEO: L.A. Shelby Club - The Ripper 05/28/2011 in-car camera by LASAAC's Sandy Ganz  at the Streets of Willow - Jun 2, 2011

VIDEO: "The Professor" Sandy Ganz & His 1965 Mustang Fastback LA Shelby Club member's hot rod, "Ripper"  - May 20, 2011

VIDEO: Sandy Ganz's '65 Mustang Gets New Flowmaster Mufflers LA Shelby Club member's hot rod, "Ripper"  - Jan 6, 2011


VIDEO: GT350 Willow Springs Raceway by LASAAC's Michael Holmes at VARA Big Bore Bash LASAAC Exhibition - Nov 8, 2010

VIDEO: Mustangs, Shelbys And Cobras Our 6th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show on the Santa Monica Pier - Sep 13, 2010

VIDEO: Shelby Cobra At The Santa Monica Pier (9/11/10) with LASAAC's Darren Taylor and his Cobra replica - Sep 13, 2010

VIDEO: Mustang and Cobras On Santa Monica Pier LASAAC at our 6th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show - Sep 11, 2010

VIDEO: Sandy "The Professor" Ganz Discuss Sandy's Sunbeam Tiger LA Shelby Club member's car - Aug 26, 2010

VIDEO: Education Foundation Car Show 2010 featuring the LASAAC at the Automobile Driving Museum - Jul 10, 2010

VIDEO: 1965 GT350 R Model Recreation Full Version meticulously restored tribute car by Michael Holmes - May 28, 2010

VIDEO: 2010 Shelby Bash Little Falcon Running Down Big Block Cobra in-car camera, LASAAC's Mike Eisenberg - Jan 23, 2012

VIDEO: 2010 Shelby Bash @ Las Vegas Speedway from the #5 Falcon in-car camera by LASAAC's Mike Eisenberg - Jan 12, 2012


VIDEO: VARA/LASAAC Exhibition Race Our second Big Bore Bash, in-car camera, LASAAC's Manny Samaniego - Nov 7, 2009

VIDEO: Los Angeles Shelby Club - Willow Springs 8, 2009 a few laps in a 2008 Shelby GT at the big track - Aug 24, 2009

VIDEO: Car Cruise Reunion Van Nuys Blvd By by LASAAC's Manny Samaniego with Keith Kaucher - Jun 11, 2009

VIDEO: LA Shelby Cobra Club Track Event Our annual Open Track Event at the Streets of Willow Springs - May 13, 2009


VIDEO: 2008 VARA Big Bore Bash Shelby Club Exhibition Race Willow Springs by LASAAC's Mike Eisenberg - Nov 22, 2008


VIDEO: Custom Car Designer Keith Kaucher's '66 Shelby at SM Pier Car Show with LASAAC's Manny Samaniego - Oct 15, 2007

VIDEO: 1964/65 Shelby Cobra 289 with LASAAC's Hank Williams / Santa Monica Pier on The Vintage Vehicle Show - Oct 10, 2007

VIDEO: LASAAC Tony Sousa Memorial 9-22-07 Part #4 with Jazz Musician & Cobra owner, Herbie Hancock - Oct 5, 2007

VIDEO: LASAAC Tony Sousa Memorial 9-22-07 Part  #3 with LA Shelby Club's Miles Cook - Oct 5, 2007

VIDEO: LASAAC Tony Sousa Memorial 9-22-07 Part #2 with LA Shelby Club's Manny Samaniego - Oct 5, 2007

VIDEO: LASAAC Tony Sousa Memorial 9-22-07 Part #1 with LA Shelby Club's Hank Williams - Oct 5, 2007

VIDEO: Shelby Cobra - Two Original 1965 Competition 427s with LA Shelby Club's Anthony Boosalis - Mar 27, 2007