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Dralle Day Open Track & Driver Education

Our 'Dralle Day' event is structured to be fun, educational and is available to all automobile makes and types.


Enjoy your performance car, at speed, in a controlled open track venue.

Run your car with confidence and exercise your driving abilities in a safe environment.

Imagine taking your car up to Mulholland and not having to worry about cops, bicyclists, cross-traffic, cliffs, rocks and debris on the road or... well, mostly cops... and bicyclists.  For less than the price of the ticket that you'll eventually get, you can join other high performance driving enthusiasts for a day of  fun, Fun, FUN! 

Our non-profit club has been organizing open track events on the Streets of Willow at Willow Springs Raceway since 1991.  We are oriented to the car owner who wants to exercise their car in a safe environment with primarily street driven cars.  Our driving instructors volunteer their time and they are made available to everyone at no additional charge.  We have maintained a problem-free and safe record of track operation due to our diligent oversight and focus on safety.

We run three run groups: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced and limit attendance to avoid over-crowding on the track.  We offer an opportunity for any level of experience to come out and have a great time in a safe environment.  We provide experienced corner-workers to let you know of any potential problems while you're out on the track.

We start the day as early as possible so everyone gets maximum track-time... approximately 8 AM till 5 PM... which translates to 6 or 7 twenty-minute sessions per run group thru-out the day. All makes of cars are welcome... owning a Shelby or Ford is not a requirement, all you really need is a desire and interest to exercise your car at speed in a safe environment.

Our Next Dralle Day Open Track: Spring of 2025
Dave Dralle

In memory of Dave Dralle, we've named our Annual Open Track and Driver Education Event after the man who was key in the forming of our club as well as our open track event implementation way back in the early 90's... Dralle Day!


In the late sixty's, Dave was a west-coast independent Shelby Cobra race car driver.  He owned and raced CSX3020 which is 1-of-21 427 Competition Cobras and only 1-of-3 with a dry-sump oiling system.  Dave raced CSX3020 in both SCCA and at least once in ARRC trim when it placed eighth at Riverside in 1968.  Dave came within 3 points of winning a National Championship driving his 427 Cobra in the late 60's.


Dave has built many FEs and small blocks for racers worldwide.  Dave relocated in 1996, from Skypark Dr in Torrance, he had been race-prepping cars at his shop, Dralle Engineering, which was adjacent to the front gate of Willow Springs RacewayDave's sons, Jim and Dan were now running the business at the same location, 3491 75th St W, Rosamond, CA 93560... but, have since moved on.

A familiar sight at Willow Springs Raceway, Dave tooling around in his electric cart.
Dave Dralle driving CSX3020, June 1968, turn 3 at Willow Springs Raceway.
Dave Dralle at the Monterey Historics, August 2013.
Dave Dralle in CSX3020 with wife Geri
and mechanic Doug Eddy.
Dave and CSX3020 at Bill Hopkins Lincoln-Mercury  in Torrance, California, 1968.
Dave Dralle in CSX3020 at Riverside Raceway, 1968.
Dave's CSX3020 Cobra at Riverside, 1968.
Before the Cobra... the Triumph TR4 (#77) in 1967, at Riverside, turn 7.

SFM6S295 completed & first run in 1974. Built by Dave Dralle & Wayne Richards (Solo Performance) with help from Doug Holmberg, Pancho Lopez & Smokey Alleman,

at Riverside International Raceway.

Dave's '65 427 Comp Cobra, one-of-three with
dry-sump oiling system. Originally Rangoon Red.
Jim Dralle in dad's Cobra, 1968.

FoMoCo Total Performance ad - The 427 Cobra (CSX3012) was prepared by Dave Dralle for Don Peckham for the 1966 season. It finished 2nd place in A-Production at the'66 ARRC

at Riverside International Raceway.

Dave's 1966 Shelby GT350 "Big Red" (SFM6S295)
representing the L.A. Shelby Club.
SFM6S295 in the shop

Dave's Kirkham KMP 189 289 FIA Cobra almost

ready for the track, March 2016

Dave's Kirkham KMP 189 289 FIA Cobra

on the track, WSIR, March 2016.

The shop sign, that was just outside the gate at Willow Springs Raceway.

Dave Dralle with Trans-Am driver, Don Lee

This picture says it all!

Our Next Dralle Day Open Track: Spring of 2025
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