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Welcome To... LASAAC
Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club

Dedicated to the preservation, history, and enjoyment

of the world championship cars made by Carroll Shelby

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– Established 1990 –

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Our Next Big Event is on July 17, 2021:

Dralle Day Open Track At The Streets Of Willow


Our non-profit club has been organizing open track events on the Streets of Willow at Willow Springs Raceway since 1991. We are oriented to the car owner who wants to exercise their car in a safe environment with primarily street driven cars. Our driving instructors volunteer their time and they are made available to everyone at no additional charge. We have maintained a problem-free and safe record of track operation due to our diligent oversight and focus on safety.


We run three run groups: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced and limit attendance to avoid over-crowding on the track. We offer an opportunity for any level of experience to come out and have a great time in a safe environment. We provide experienced corner-workers to let you know of any potential problems while you're out on the track.


All makes of cars are welcome... owning a Shelby or Ford is not a requirement, all you really need is a desire and interest to exercise your car at speed in a safe environment.


Bruce "Gooch" Kawaguchi: Jan 21, 1950 - Jan 24, 2021

Bruce "Gooch" Kawaguchi and his wife Judy at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion
Dave Dralle (left) with "Gooch" (right)



Saying farewell to a true friend to many of us is not easy, it never is and never will be. Bruce Kawaguchi, aka: "Gooch", is a genuine renaissance man... Bruce was good at everything he did and excelled on every path he traveled. Loving husband, faithful son, dentist, martial arts, pistol shooting, mentor, teacher, race car driver, is only a partial list.


Bruce meant a lot to many and there will be a void in many of us with Bruce's passing. I cherish his friendship of over 35 years. Bruce is one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC) and has been instrumental in guiding the direction of the club for over 30 years. Bruce was always the voice of reason before chaos, always sharing his experience with others and always supporting others with their personal endeavors.


LASAAC wants to honor our great friend, Bruce, in the best way we can, giving us a chance to share our love and share our personal journeys with his family and friends.


These are difficult times, recognizing the restrictions on gatherings and potential consequences. LASAAC will be unifying with Bruce's family in postponing a tribute memorial for Bruce. With the utmost respect for Bruce, his family and many friends, when the time is appropriate, we will come together in honor of our beloved friend, husband and son. Peace to all. Our hearts are broken. Love you, Bruce. With that I close with "Aye-Firmative".


Randy Richardson

LASAAC President

Bruce's Favorite Charity Organizations:

The Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation is on a mission to help close the skills gap by challenging the stigmas and stereotypes that discourage people from pursuing the millions of available jobs. They are redefining the definition of a good education and a good job, because their organization doesn't think a four year degree is the best path for most people. The Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation wants people to understand the impact of skilled labor on their lives, and they are convinced that the solution has to start with a new appreciation for hard work...

Hey Bruce. How's it going?... https://youtu.be/P6uh0IVj3pw

PET PRIDE, founded in 1965, owns and operates a "NO KILL" and cage-free shelter for the lifetime care of homeless cats. They are located at 3350 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Their hours are 11 AM to 4 PM daily, excepting Wednesdays and Sundays. They welcome visitors to come see their cats living happily in their cage-free "Home for Cats", fully furnished for the cats' pleasure and enjoyment. Their healthy and purring cats are available for adoption to approved homes. Please call them for more information or appointments; their phone number is (310) 836-5427.

* If you would like to make a donation to one or both of these organizations in Bruce's honor, please select the "DONATE" button below... you'll be able to choose between the two charity organizations in the pull-down list after you "make the jump"...

"Gooch" negotiating Turn 2 at Sonoma Raceway during the 2018, SAAC-43 Convention.

BTW, if you would like an LASAAC/"Gooch" t-shirt... go to our LA Shelby Club Store!

* LASAAC will donate $5 of every purchase of this t-shirt, to Gooch's favorite charities!


photos by John Saia

Carroll Shelby
Carroll Shelby


2019 Shelby Show Pin - GT40
2019 Shelby Show Pin - GT40

Carroll Shelby
Carroll Shelby

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